Which Way Challenge

I thought I’d go with a map for this week’s Which Way Photo Challenge. I’m not sure what the Spectacularity is.

Alive and Trekking graciously hosts the Which Way Photo Challenge that inspires bloggers to share photos of roads, highways, byways, paths, maps, signs, waterways, stairs, what-have-you. Join the fun. Check out more posts by clicking here to get to the mothership.

Thursday Door Challenge

Prince Gong’s Mansion, Beijing

Here’s my entry for Dan’s Thursday Door Challenge. Prince Gong’s Mansion (or Palace) is a magnificent site in Beijing. It’s a smaller than the Forbidden Palace, but in all other respects as majestic for my money. Fewer crowds is a big selling point too.

You may have noticed that this is the first post on a new blog. I’m still keeping my Blogger blog and I’m still not a fan of WordPress’s changes, photo limits, and attitude towards non-commercial blogs, but WordPress has made it tough for me to link my other blog to WP blogs, so here I am. My next post will be about my thoughts on WP.