Weekend Coffee Share

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

If we were having coffee, I’d probably have to explain where I’ve been for eight weeks.

Albania! The café capital of the world. Yep. Albania has more cafés per capita than any other country. Most of the time I was in Lezhë and you couldn’t walk one block without passing two cafés, if not three.

Kafe Komiteti, Tirana

I was in Albania with two other American English teachers to work with two Afghan English teachers to train Afghans to train their community members life skills like going to school, the bank, stores etc. so their eventual life in North America would be smoother.

Since last fall there have been thousands of Afghan refugees living in Albania in the seaside resort town of Shengjin.

There’s a lot to love in Albania: friendly people, great food, museums, ancient ruins, castles, nature.

We taught two 3 week sessions and had a week long break in between. when I went to Thessaloniki and Athens.

Coming home I had a one night layover in Vienna. I’d forgotten how impressive its imperial architecture is — and how expensive it is compared to Albania.

OIt’s good to be back to enjoy the end of the summer here, though I confess I wouldn’t have minded more time exploring Albania. There’s a lot to see there.

On the flight home I saw some good films. I reviewed My Small Land and loved it though the end could have been better. I’ll soon review The Big Hit (Le Triumph) and The Attorney soon.

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