Hotel Review: Intercontinental Athens

While in Athens, I stayed at the Intercontinental Athenaeum, about a 15 minute walk from the metro. I had a lot of points on my IHG account accumulated before the COVID Lockdowns. When I booked, I decided to splurge on a night on the club floor. In the end their up selling weakened my sales resistance and I upgraded my other 2 nights to the club floor. I rationalized that I hadn’t traveled in years and who knows when the ne t lockdown will come along.

My room was spacious, decorated in a soothing blue that I associate with Greece. Since I was staying three nights I was glad to have a sofa and desk.

The club floor has a terrific lounge with a balcony that has a splendid view of the Acropolis, which was even better at night.

Breakfast featured an abundance of Greek and French pastries, eggs, bacon, a platter of cheeses and cold cuts, veggies like cucumbers, fresh fruit, juices, teas and coffees. Enough variety for every taste and enough food last till dinner.

I’m not one for eggs

Cocktail hour offered wines, beers, liquor and soft drinks along with hot appetizers, an array of cheeses, fruits, salad and lots of miniature desserts. Delightful!

The lounge also had board games and a desktop computer. I used the computer for email as I get tired of my iPad for that.

All in all I savored the calm and enjoyed the ease of not having to search for restaurants every day. I’d definitely return to the Intercontinental in Athens.

Weekend Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee, it would have to be a bit quick. It’s been a busy few days. I worked quite a bit and interviewed and wrote up a short feature for my friend’s newsletter.

On Saturday my nephew graduated law school. I went to the ceremony with my parents, which required a bit of logistical strategy. The campus was very crowded. Some streets would be closed and my mother needs a cane or walker so three people were needed to work all that out. In the end we did. The ceremony was impressive. The two speakers were a good combination. One lived up to her introduction as “folksy and fierce” and the second made an interesting point comparing FDR’s Supreme Court to today’s court. Believe it or not the 1940s court and today’s had the same amount of disagreement. Both courts have been unanimous for 43% of their cases and for 46% or their cases only one person dissented. The speaker, an accomplished lawyer, judge and professor found that due to “selective pressure” even when all the justices come from the same party there can be a lot of disagreement. Go figure. We hear about a couple of the the most contentious cases so we think the justices must be at odds all the time. In fact, they often agree on how to apply the law.

After the ceremony we went to Nella’s, a lovely reception and then to an Italian restaurant for an early dinner. Who was in this restaurant, but Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. At the end of the meal, she posed with my nephew for a photo and they had a nice exchange. It turns out that my nephew worked as an intern for the blond woman who was with Lightfoot and her wife.

Because it was Pentecost, a holiday in the Christian calendar, I decided to go to St. John Cantius for church. At the end of mass they drop hundreds of rose petals from the oculus in the dome to symbolize the tongues of fire that fell on the heads of the apostles.

I actually did meet a friend for coffee to catch up and afterwards went to the Uptown Art Week, which seems like it was shorter this week. Nonetheless the weather was beautiful and I saw some fun art work.